School janitor arrested in rape of Brooklyn girl


School janitor charged with holding, raping teen: cops:

Brooklyn public school janitor charged with rape: police:

Is there any job creepier than school janitor? I mean besides anything that has the word clown attached to it. I never encountered the predatory school janitor while I was in school but unfortunately I knew too many people who did, some with very harrowing tales to tell. I’m sure that most school janitors are fine but it’s the few rotten apples that seem to inevitably spoil the bunch.

One school janitor that’s rotten to the core is 51-year-old Hernan Zapata. Zapata is a janitor at a middle school in Brooklyn and was working by himself in the school on Saturday. A 17-year-old former student of the school was there to meet a friend of hers. Zapata allegedly grabbed her and raped her inside one of the school offices. His 21-year-old is defending the married father.

“This is the craziest thing that has happened to us. There’s no way he would do this. He’s not capable of something like this. He comes straight home after working, when he’s not working, he’s with us,”

“(He worked there) close to 17, 18 years. Everyone knows him, go to the school, everyone will know him. They will all say good things,” Zapata said through sobs, declining to identify the school where her father works. “I don’t know why anyone would say that. Whoever said that is going to hell.”

Well, he was at work and on duty at the time of the alleged attack so there’s that. Not to mention that no one really knows what anybody in their family does when they’re not around. Is it possible that Zapata is being wrongly accused? Yes, there’s always that possibility but just because he has no prior arrests doesn’t mean that this is his first time. It only means it’s the first time he got caught.

The happiest place on earth, for a child molester

Disney Cruise Line worker accused of molesting passenger, 13:

Disney Cruise Line worker accused of molesting passenger, police say:

Ahmed Sofyan

Ahmed Sofyan

When I was a kid my family used to go to Disney World in Orlando every year for about 5 years. I used to love Disney World. Even during my senior year of high school I chose to go to Disney with my class instead of England. I would experience such joy there where every ride is larger than life. Mission to mars was my favorite and I loved The House of Tomorrow. (Is that still even there? Did they update it or did they leave it in the 1960s vision of the future?) So imagine if you will having that joy and anticipation of going on a Disney vacation only to be greeted with the horror of being molested by one of their employees.

36-year-old Ahmed Sofyan of Jakarta, Indonesia, is accused of allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl aboard one of the Disney cruise ships. Police say that he lured the victim into an unoccupied cabin and touched her inappropriately. When she tried to leave Sofyan is said to have tightened his grip on her. It wasn’t until she said her parents would notice her missing that he let her go. The ship was docked at Port Canaveral in Florida at the time so Sofyan was arrested by local authorities.

I wonder how his arrest would have been handled if it had happened in open or even international waters. I would imagine the ship would have to have some kind of brig although a plank would be preferable. I guess they couldn’t keelhaul him on a Disney ship. You don’t want the kids to see that.

Florida man arrested with gun, shovel and duct tape in his car

Man Arrested for Sex With Girl, 14, Had Gun, Shovel and Duct Tape in Car: Davie Police:

Florida man arrested with shovel, duct tape and gun while trying to have sex with 14-year-old girl: police:

Antonio Seisdedos (I hope that injury is from resisting arrest)

Antonio Seisdedos (I hope that injury is from resisting arrest)

Ever since the days of To Catch A Predator I’ve been somewhat, possibly morbidly, fascinated with what suspects are found with in their possession at the time of their arrest. Fast Food, wine coolers and condoms used to be a staple of TCAP. Occasionally there would also be the guy with handcuffs. In Davie, Florida, 36-year-old Antonio Seisdedos was said to have been in possession of a loaded gun, a shovel and some duct tape at the time of his arrest. In Florida, or the South in general it’s not unusual to find these objects in one’s car but when you’re arrested for allegedly having sex (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl those kind of items make you stand up and take notice.

Seisdedos is said to have met his victim at a supermarket parking lot where he told her she was cute and asked for her phone number. The victim allegedly said that she was 14 but numbers were exchanged anyway. The victim’s mother found texts between the two on the victim’s phone. Seisdedos has also been charged with child pornography since the victim sent explicit pictures of herself to him.

Police posed as the girl and set up a meeting at a hotel. That’s when the items were found in his car. While those items could have been there innocently it does make it appear as he may have been looking to make the victim disappear. Thankfully this wasn’t a case of finding a victim’s body after it was too late.

Upstate NY man wanted on child porn charges

Troy Police: We have a monster on the street:

Troy cops search for man suspected of making child porn:

Jesse Sawyer Jr.

Jesse Sawyer Jr.

Police in Troy, New York, are currently looking for 25-year-old Jesse Sawyer Jr. Investigators there say that Sawyer has allegedly produced child porn showing him molesting three little girls. One of his victims is six-years-old while the other two are five-years-old. They say that Sawyer’s crimes are so horrific they’ve enlisted the help of the FBI in capturing him.

Sawyer is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, 160 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Police say he is their only suspect in a series of unspeakable sex crimes that they caught wind of a few months ago.

Anyone who knows his whereabouts is asked to call Troy police at 518-270-4411. All calls will remain confidential, police said.

Police believe that he is currently somewhere still in Troy.

I’ll be posting updates on this story as they become available. Hopefully the next update will be that he’s been captured after ‘resisting arrest’.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

UPDATE 3/28/2014: Sawyer has been arrested in Pinellas Park, Florida. He almost got away again due to a clerical snafu but police were able to apprehend him.

Thanks again to Jennifer for the tip.

If you know of a fugitive sex offender who deserves to be on this site please send us an e-mail with the information.

More information on fugitive child molester Timothy Johnson

Thanks again from our friends at MugWatch.Org.


Timothy Johnson made a bank transaction in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on Monday, March 17. Last known whereabouts Clinton, TN.

Tim drives a 1999 Chevy Chevy Silverado extended cab with the Indiana license plate of TK-267LVZ.


Name: Timothy L. Johnson
Height: 6’01″
Weight: 220 pounds
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde/Strawberry



Convicted Indiana child molester at large – PLEASE SHARE

Man who skipped trial guilty of molesting:

Timothy L. Johnson

Timothy L. Johnson

From our friends at MugWatch.Org we have learned that 48-year-old convicted child molester, Timothy L. Johnson of Knightstown, Indiana is currently at large.

This past Monday Johnson was supposed to stand trial for the molestation of a girl that went on for a decade starting when the girl was 7. Johnson was a no-show but the judge ordered the trial to start without him. Johnson was convicted and is looking at a very lengthy sentence, the almost in the triple digits kind. What I’ve described here can’t even begin to relay the terror that the victim went through at Johnson’s hands.

Currently his whereabouts are unknown but was last seen near Greenfield, Indiana driving a 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cab with the Indiana license plate of TK267LVZ. Sources believe that the truck was pulling a fifth wheel camper. He’s also been known to haunt such locations in Indiana as Fishers, Fort Wayne, Columbia City and areas near the Ohio River or may also be in Florida.

Johnson's 2002 Silverado

Johnson’s 2002 Silverado

If spotted do not apprehend and please call your local law enforcement.

Look, I realize I’m no Jon Walsh by any means but Johnson is a coward and a danger. Let’s do what we can to get him back in police custody. If you share any of my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter or whatever please share this one.

Let's wipe that smile off his face.

Let’s wipe that smile off his face.

Sex offender lottery winner about to get his ticket punched

Sex offender who won $10M lottery charged with sexually abusing boy in Uxbridge:

Daniel T. Snay

Daniel T. Snay

If you won $10M in the lottery what would you do with the money? Would you help out your family? Donate to charity? Start a business? Tour the world? Not Daniel T. Snay of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. He put his money to more nefarious uses.

According to police Snay allegedly molested a boy while the boy was somewhere between the ages of 8 and 14 after winning $10M from a Massachusetts scratch off ticket. The molestations allegedly took place for four years and the victim just recently came forward. Police have had previous reports that Snay was in close contact with children but had no proof to arrest him. Police believe that he used his windfall to gain favor with people and groom them. If you don’t think people won’t sell their kids to pedophiles for the right amount you haven’t been paying attention.

Snay has a criminal history that goes back to the 1970s that includes charges of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. Yet another sex offender that kept offending and armed with $10M no less.

His bond has been set at $5M I hope he less than that left so he can’t make bond.

Police believe there maybe other victims not just in Massachusetts but other states as well.

The Uxbridge Police Department is asking anyone who has any information concerning suspicious activity involving Daniel Snay to contact the Uxbridge Police Department Sexual Assault Unit, at (508) 278-7755. The investigating officer is David Bergeron, assisted by Officers Timothy Dean and Daniel Deveau.

This one time at band class…

James Ray Clark and Tod A. Barnard

James Ray Clark and Tod A. Barnard

Glynn County band director charged with child molestation, police say:

Assistant band teacher is charged with school molestation at St. Thomas More School:

With this story I’m going to pull back the curtain a little on the Trench Reynolds process of blogging. So if you don’t want to know how the sausage is made you may want to stop reading.

When I’m looking for stories for MM it’s pretty easy. I just go to Google News and enter the word ‘molestation’ and pick whatever story I think my readers would want to see. One day that’s going to get a visit from the authorities but I digress.

So today I put in that term and I see a story about a band teacher charged with molestation. Then I see another headline that says almost the exact same thing. I figure it’s the same story from two different sources. Nope. IT was two band teacher stories on the same day hundreds of miles apart.

Our first story comes from Georgia where police have arrested 48-year-old James Ray Clark on charges of aggravated child molestation and intent to commit statutory rape. A victim came forward and said that Clark allegedly molested him in 2000 and 2001 while Clark was working as a youth minister. Further investigation led police to believe that Clark may have had more recent victims. At the time of his arrest Clark was working as a middle school band director. Police worry there may be more victims.

Over the past 25 years, Clark has worked as a band director in Glynn, McIntosh and Liberty counties and has been involved in youth ministry in McIntosh, Chatham and Glynn counties, Fort Myers and Loganville, Ga.

Anyone with addition information is asked to contact Lt. Nick Roundtree or investigator Tim Johnson at (912) 437-6644.


For our next story we go over 1,000 miles away to Kansas City, Missouri where police there have arrested 53-year-old Tod A. Barnard. Barnard is a band teacher at a Catholic school where he’s accused of allegedly using the ‘trip and fall’ method of groping female students. Did I say students? I meant a student. The same student, repeatedly, like once a week.

I’m not saying that all band teachers are creepy old perverts but these guys aren’t helping their case any.

Parents angry over molestation safety video

Molestation video at Manchester school raises concerns:


In case you haven’t noticed I’ve decided that MM Isn’t just going to be about sex offenders but also about news stories such as the recent crackdown in Florida. This post contains one of those stories.

A school in Manchester, New Hampshire, recently showed a video to their third-grade students about how to recognize and report molestations. The problem is the school didn’t inform the parents that the video, called “Assertive Speech”, was going to be shown. The school didn’t do this on purpose, it was just one of those bureaucratic screw ups.

Some of the kids were upset by the video which of course instead of having a rational conversation with your kids about the subject matter and their feelings instead led to a lot of butthurt pearl clutching parents. I don’t understand why they’re so upset. Unfortunately in today’s society this is something that kids need to be aware of. Let’s say that the parents were informed that the video was going to be shown. Would some parents have pulled their kids from school that day?

I applaud the school for showing a video like that. Back in my day all we had was a very special episode of Diff’rent Strokes where Mr. Carlson from WKRP molested Arnold’s friend. That episode still creeps me out.

So what would you have done if you found out your kids’ school showed a video like the one that was shown?

Las Vegas teacher charged with being an FSP

Substitute teacher faces charges of sexually assaulting teen:

Middle school teacher’s bail set at $100K in student-sex case:

Tanikka Queen

Tanikka Queen

You know, I do try to find FSPs (female sexual predators) that aren’t teachers, but it’s not that easy. Yet finding one that is a teacher is like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel.

For example take 22-year-old Tanikka Queen. Ms. Queen was a substitute teacher at a Las Vegas middle school. She’s been accused of having sex with a 15-year-old male student. Again that’s statutory rape by definition but for some reason FSPs are rarely called rapists. Not only was she ‘having sex’ with the student but supposedly she was in love with him.

“Remember no matter how I act at school I still love you with all my heart,” Queen wrote in one text, according to police.

“Queen said, ‘I am in love with (name redacted). I have never been in love before,’ ” the report said.

Here’s what I don’t get. She’s being held on $100,000 bond after initially being held without bond. While I’m glad she is being treated like a sexual predator how come she’s not getting the slap on the wrist treatment like a lot of other teachers that commit the same crime? I mean she is fairly attractive. Is it solely because she’s black? I’m curious to know what the race of her victim was because if he’s white that would explain a lot.